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Feb 6, 2018

We have a packed episode for you today! Lots of things happening on a Monday actually, for us to bring to you on this fine Tuesday.

First things first, what's happening in the stock market? Whether or not you think it's Trump's fault, we tell you everything you need to know about the flash crash. Your Lispy Libertarian, Nate Thurston, watches the market every day. Bitcoin makes the market watch discussion as The Jon King chimes in with his Bitcoin losses by the second.

At the end of last week, Republicans decided to declassify their Memo listing out a he-said, she-said version of FISA abuses. It's no surprise that Government is abusing it's power, especially when it comes to violating the fourth amendment. The real headline should focus on how Congressman Nunes, and the intelligence committee ilk, knew about what was happening and sat on the information while Congress voted overwhelmingly to expand and extend FISA power for another 6 years! Charlie gets heated in this one. 

Interesting story about restaurants and how tips will be divided among servers. Should the restaurant owner be able to collect all tips and then decide if he even wants to give them to the servers appropriately? The liberals make our taxation is theft case for us in this one!

Every episode, we can't escape our tariff daddy, Trump. Apparently, there will be a tariff war between the EU and the USA. This is the last thing we need. Definitely the last thing Jon needs while still trying to build his house.

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem, in the state of Kentucky, denies a woman's ER claim because it was determined that her illness was not life threatening. Can an insurance do this? It sounds maddening and you're right, it is, but take note of the discussion then let us know your thoughts!

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This week's Whiskey of the Week is stellar! Colonel E.H. Taylor. One of our favorites.

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