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Jan 19, 2018

If you needed more reasons to not trust the government, just ask the people of Hawaii about the emergency warning that a ballistic missle was headed their way and to seek shelter. Apparently it was an accident and it only took them 38 minutes to send the all clear signal. Only...

What are your thoughts on a border wall? Is it necessary? We discuss if it's a good or bad thing, the cost, and if it should go up. Although there are probably wiser things to spend money on, we talk about why immigration wouldn't be so bad if we fixed the actual problem. The welfare state. I think Trump will probably get what he wants. Or the government will shut down. That sounds like a win to us!

What was immigration like before 1914? Well, we will tell you! Someone tweeted about Trump's grandpa, Fredrick Trump, immigrating when he was 16 years old, and we explain why it is different than today's immigration.

Apparantly Carrier is supposed to be in the business of getting people out of bad marriages. At least that's what some on the left would have you believe. Trump made the mistake of taking credit for Carrier staying in the US for a year, but they are going to go ahead and shut down that Carrier plant in Indiania. Those that work there and voted for Trump are now regretting their decision. This is why you should invest in yourself and not rely on politicians who don't care about you. 

We wrap things up continuing a necessary talk about self responsibility and why you should take some pride in yourself. If you're not relying on anyone else, you'll never be out of a job or dependent on certain things happening. 

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