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Mar 9, 2018

I think it goes without saying that we believe in less government intervention here on The Big Freedom Show. So why is it that we should cheer on Rand Paul for wanting to audit the Federal Reserve? What is the Federal Reserve? We answer these questions and much more in this in depth episode. It's important to understand economics and financial institutions, because it's affecting your life more than you think. What if you could purchase 8% more groceries, gas, or clothes in your life? Would that drastically improve your situation?

Dr. Ben Carson, President Trump's Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, has supposedly lobotomized HUD. Basically, Carson sees a different direction for those that are dependent on HUD. He believes that people have a poverty mindset, and instead of continuing to just house them, we should work to help move them out of poverty. Dr. Carson didn't even fight to not decrease the HUD's budget. This is a good thing, and we explain why.

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