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Mar 27, 2018

In lighter news, in today's show, Stormy Daniels defied her agreement with President Trump and told her story on 60 Minutes. I'm not sure why that's even news, but to each their own, we guess. Apparently, the Donald, or as we like to call him, Tariff Daddy, was reading and talking about himself when he made the cover of Time Magazine, and she took that magazine and spanked him with it. This was 11 years ago. Did anyone think that Trump wasn't going to cheat on his 4th wife. Or 8th wife - I'm not sure; I lost count.

Hundreds of thousands of kids took to the streets in protest, in what they called the "March for our Lives" this past weekend. Where did they come up with that name? How original is that? Oh yeah, there's already a protest called "March for Life." Real clever, teenagers. It must have taken your parents a long time to come up with that one.

Is anyone taking these kids seriously besides the left spun media? Are we really trying to listen to the same teenagers that were eating laundry detergent a mere 3 weeks ago? The Tide Pod eating craze was so popular, it forced Democrats to advocate for laws trying to compel companies not to make laundry detergent so appetizing. Seriously. And we are supposed to listen to them about policy and the natural right to protect yourself?

Your "Republican" President signed a $1.3 Trillion spending plan on Friday. Sounds real conservative. Charlie gets heated in this discussion. In fact, Jon calls him Rush Limbaugh at the end because the rant was fire! How is it, that "conservatives" in power pass the second largest spending bill in United States history? And the President has the gall to say, "I'm never signing another bill like this." Then why did you sign that one!? I'll never understand that logic. Oh, and we will have to make another episode about abortion and Planned Parenthood, but in case you didn't know, yes, it still received it's $500 million in funding from the Federal Government. Can we stop voting in these clowns?

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This week's Whiskey of the Week is Bird Dog! Not quite in the Hall of Shame, but it was close.